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Padeleo App - Web app to manage your padel matches

Manage your padel games quickly and easily
Create your padel game and share it on WhatsApp in a few seconds
Manage the costs of each game and view your monthly expenses
Save your matches in your Google calendar so you don't miss any

// Tecnhologies: GatsbyJS, React, React-Redux, Redux-Sagas, Javascript, NodeJS
// Web:

BCN Design Tour App

Development of the mobile application BCN Design Tour as employee at Whads Media Studios S.L.. Application with maps of the main design spaces of Barcelona, available for iOS and Android. It can be used without roaming costs; The maps and data come with the application. Update data online without having to re-download the application. Multilingual: Catalan, Spanish and English. Selected as app of the week by Apple.

// Technologies: Axway Appcelerator, JSON/RESTful
// Platforms: Android and iOS
// Development: Whads Media Studios S.L.

Barcelona Art Públic

Development of the mobile application Barcelona Art Públic as employee at Whads Media Studios S.L.. Mobile application to discover the public art of the city of Barcelona. Guide of Public Art of Barcelona. 100% offline application, no data connection required. In Catalan, Spanish and English. Catalog of sculptures and other artistic pieces of the public space of the city. Each one includes the location, the author and the year of construction as well as chronicles and expert commentaries.

// Tecnologías: Axway Appcelerator, JSON/RESTful
// Plataformas: Android and iOS
// Desarrollo: Whads Media Studios S.L.

Web development of as an employee at Whads Media Studios S.L. This is an online shop of the Peixos Ripoll Estera market place in the Mercat de la Boqueria. At this store, apart from being able to buy fresh fish by placing an order online, also has an innovative smart shopping system where you define a set of preferences, periodicity and budget and the application automatically generates a basket of fish based on these parameters

// Technologies: ASP (Javascript - ES5), HTML5/CSS3/JQuery, Microsoft SQL.
// Web:
// Concept and design: Whads Media Studios S.L.

MotoGP mobile app design and development

Design and development of a mobile app with all the information about the races, riders and classifications of the world championship MotoGP.
Backend developed to manage and update all app contents.

// Technologies: Axway Appcelerator, JSON/RESTful and WSCMS (Content Management System)
// Platforms: Android and iOS
// Github:


Web development of Yatai, a small japanese takeaway located in the town of Sitges. From Kenzo Koketzu passion, an experienced japanese chef and his family is born this small but cozy establishment. 
As a result of perseverance and loyalty of its customers and their animated voice, those urging a place to sit and enjoy the atmosphere and dishes from their kitchen. In December 2015, decided to undertake a new adventure and open Yatai Bcn_restaurant in order to bring Japanese culture and cuisine in the city of Barcelona.

// Design:
// Development: Marc Pérez
// Technologies: HTML5/SASS/JQuery & WSCMS (Content Management System)
// Web:

Les Roques geotechnics and environmental

Web development of Les Roques Geotecnia, a company that was established in January 2012, as a technical office and specialized consultancy in the field of field engineering, geotechnics and the environment.

// Design: Mariona Mercadal
// Development: Marc Pérez
// Technologies: HTML5/SASS/JQuery & WSCMS (Content Management System)
// Web:

Movies for festivals

Web development of Movies for Festivals, a distribution company based in Barcelona, Spain. Its main goal is to distribute feature films and documentaries to film festivals around the world.

// Design:
// Development: Marc Pérez
// Technologies: HTML5/SASS/JQuery & WSCMS (Content Management System)
// Web: